Francisco is a firm believer in striving for the best that you can be. He has worked for over 20 years with children, young people, diverse communities, the elderly and has always been steadfast in his belief in their abilities, uniqueness and right to dream.

Having worked with people of all ages and developed long term programmes in many settings, Francisco has developed a unique way of working to truly engage participants, regardless of their age, background or abilities. He has developed exciting projects and performances with schools and youth organisations, including work in South Africa, performing for the Queen and Mr Mandela. He has developed cultural collaborations with Rumania, Ireland, Poland, Spain and Portugal.

Hi has an undeniable track record for developing large scale initiatives including: The annual creative youth music program for Merseyside as Director of MZONE, The annual programme of international to local participation culminating in the Merseyside International Streets Arts Festival as Director of Brouhaha International. Family and youth projects for All Things Latin and One Latin Culture culminating in an annual festival - The Fiesta Latina (Liverpool’s First Latin American Cultural  Festival).

He has worked as educationalist, project manager and cultural development project leader with communities across the UK including Catalyst Performing Arts, Kensington Regeneration and hundreds of schools throughout the UK

Francisco has written and produced music resource packs such as “Rhythmlands” and “Sing it Up” and is in the process of writing and producing a resource pack for schools to introduce Latin American culture into the curriculum.


music leader, educationalist, cultural producer...