Short ‘n’ Sweet

Francisco has been writing and composing for the best part of 20 yrs. He has worked with artists from all over the world and collaborated in some exciting projects, including NGOMA project with Eugene Skeef, Bheki Mseleku, Thebe Lipere from South Africa, Kama El Alaoui (Moroco) and Jeff Gordon (Guyana).

He has produced and directed many events including the Merseyside International Street Festival 1998 - 2002; Fiesta Latina (Latin American Cultural festival) 2004 - 2011; The Giant’s Carnival 2011; Liverpool’s Memorial Event to George Harrison 2001; Durban Caribbean carnival 1995 and Launch procession of the Zion Arts Centre, Manchester.

Francisco has also written, composed directed and produced many theatre pieces including “A Reason to Sing”, commissioned by Invisible Cities and Brouhaha International and performed in Invisible Cities, Bluecoat Arts Centre, the Green Room and Unity Theatre. He was commissioned by The Bluecoat Arts Centre, Black Arts Alliance and The Arts Council England to develop his Azanian Trilogy production, whose seeds where planted during his six month tour of South Africa in 1995. The performance grew from three poems, Echoes of Marianridge, Soweto Streets are Calling and The Buzz. The show was performed at the Bluecoat Arts Centre, The Green Room, Manchester, Phoenix Arts Centre, Leiscester and the Oval House Theatre, London.

Francisco has performed throughout the UK and internationally, including France, Spain, Holland, Chile and South Africa.

  1. 1.Performing with OLC Music 2011

  2. 2.Performing with Radio Chango, 2009

  3. 3.Rebel At Sea performance at D&N Liverpool, 2012

Oct 2012 - Start the Viva Project

Oct 2012 - Begin MA Music Industries Studies

Sept 2012 - perform with international Chilean artist John Cuevas Flores

Sept 2012 - Get together with Grethe Borsum to develop Rebel At Sea Collaboration

July 2012 - Perform at the Museum of Liverpool with Internationa Costa Rican artist Freddy Perez

June 2012 - Develop La Bomba Drum Group - Permorming at the Liverpool International Carnival 2012 and the BPA National Gala

June 2012 - Begin to develop Book of stories and poems

March 2012 - Start Song from Home project with One Latin Culture, performing at the Liverpool International Carnival

May 2011 - Set up One Latin Culture

Apr 2011 - Perform with Harare Dread in London

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