International artist, composer, writer, musician and director; Francisco’s creative journey takes on promising collaborations. with his poignant new show, “LA CARTA” (The Letter) premiering at the Bluecoat Arts Centre in Liverpool and his exciting collaboration with Norwegian Singer/Songwriter, Grethe Borsum, to name only two, 2013 will be a year of releases, new work and experimentation.

We must never forget those who have taught us and inspired us. We must always keep their memories alive.

My most powerful musical guides have been my family. My biggest inspiration is my mother. From an early age her voice captivated me.  She sang an incredible repertoire of songs, songs of struggle, of freedom, of love, and always stayed strong through adversity and the struggle of being a political refugee, a Chilean woman in the UK in the 70s and 80s.

COLLABORATION  - FRANCISCO and Norwegian singer/song writer, GRETHE BORSUM have put together and exciting new collaboration named REBEL AT SEA. Performing at Maritime Museum as part of Threshold 4pm on Sunday 10th March and their own show at Studio 2 on Sunday 14 April (8pm). 
Click here to check Rebel At Sea...


COLLABORATION  - Francisco continues to collaborate with Freddy Perez aka DJ MUVELO with music, dance and multi-media based on their work around Latin American culture. Click here to see more...
BOOK  - Francisco is developing a book of words and images, incorporating his love of storytelling, poetry, song and crazy images he sees as visual stories. Click here to read some sample writings...Writings.html


with O Jaime C

Rebel At Sea

COMMISSIONS  - Francisco has produced a number of commissions including A Reason to Sing and is currently working on a new performance called “La Carta” (The Letter). Click here to read some sample writings...Commissions.html

6 May - La Bomba, Coral Centre

7 May - at Porto Cafe with O Jaime C

16 & 17 May Grand opening of Central Library, Liverpool

17 May - La Bomba/Brouhaha, Light Night,   Liverpool

26 May - Rebel at Sea, Chester Music Festival

1 June - Rebel at Sea, Elevator Bar, Liverpool

26 June - La CARTA, the Bluecoat, Liverpool

28 June - La CARTA, Z-Arts, Manchester

6 July - La CARTA, Hothouse, Morecambe