Written by Francisco and Commissioned by the British Council and Brouhaha International this Multi Media performance in a Marquee in the once disused Wirral docks was based on a poem about people everywhere and presented a view of the struggle of the artists to tell stories that are ignored in the news for the sake of outlandish news. Using Dance, Art and Live music. This storytelling and projection it was performed in Liverpool, Manchester, London and South Africa, either fully or elements of it.

We must never forget those who have taught us and inspired us. We must always keep their memories alive.

My most powerful musical guides have been my family. My biggest inspiration is my mother. From an early age her voice captivated me.  She sang an incredible repertoire of songs, songs of struggle, of freedom, of love, and always stayed strong through adversity and the struggle of being a political refugee, a Chilean woman in the UK in the 70s and 80s.



commissions & collaborations...

with O Jaime C

Extract of A Reason to Sing, Performed at the Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool



Whilst working in South Africa in 1995 with a plethora of amazing artists, musicians, dancers, poets and many, many incredible people; Francisco wrote three poems based on his experiences there. On returning to the UK he won a commission from the Arts Council, Black Arts Alliance and the Bluecoat Arts Centre to produce a multi-media Live Art piece based on the three poems. He called it “Azanian Trilogy” The performance was profiled at the Black Arts National conference held in the Phoenix Arts Centre in Leicester and was performed at a number of venues across the UK.

Some of Francisco’s collaborations have happened quite by chance. His longterm collaboration with Freddy Perez (CostaRican DJ and Dance teacher) was by pure chance, yet they have been producing shows, presentations, festivals, club nights and more for over 10 yrs. His collaboration with Eugene Skeef (South African musician, poet, educator and activist) produced some of the most memorable artistic productions). An ongoing collaboration that promises much in the future is with Zimbabwean Reggae Artist and reknown carnavalist, Pax (Harare Dread) Nindi; with whom he has performed, and developed a number of potential ideas. His life long collaboration with his brother Oscar J. Carrasco has always brought fruit to bear, and will do so many times over in the future.